Collaboration with professional athletes allows us to look at those product requirements that arise in the situation.
Lightness and safety are the two most important values to which we have endeavored. The use and development of innovative technologies is the key to realize these two values in all our products.

We are engineers and pioneers of numerous new patented product and material solutions.
And we want to continue along this path in the future.


Every gram counts on the mountain and on the track. The basic requirement for a successful training, a good race result or a very personal record is the weight of your equipment.
We’ll provide you with everything that allows you to break your own limits.
You want to go higher? You want more power? You want a better time? You want more comfort?

Less weight = no limits.
Because the runners should run and not carry!


No question – form follows function. Nevertheless, we put a significant emphasis on our product development on creating a modern, sophisticated and balanced design. Our scouts are always on the lookout for innovative processing options, haptic materials, functional add-ons and new trends.

Our products should not only get you higher, but also make hearts beat faster.


The NORTEC product range measures itself against the challenges of a summit storm and the demands of professional athletes. We rub against scree slopes and pawing snow-covered trail routes.
We measure ourselves against the best – and that unites us with our customers!

NORTEC includes a portfolio that revolves around the professionally operated winter, running and mountain sports. You do not have to do professional sports to know the advantages of professional equipment!

For all those who storm the summit.
For those who are faster than the rest.
For the amateurs and the professionals.
For those who love challenges: NORTEC.