19.02. APRICA (SO) – Aprica Baradello Vertical Light Trail (5 KM / 800M D+)

Baradello Vertical Light Trail first edition in the name of Luca Del Pero and Susanna Saapunki. Seven days after the success of the Teglio Sunset Winter Run, the Nortec Winter Trail Running Cup inaugural stage, the two athletes of Team Scarpa gave an encore on the snows of the Aprica – Corteno Golgi ski area.
About a hundred runners at the start of the only up race designed on the longest illuminated track in Europe, starting from the Baradello chairlift at an altitude of 1160 m and arriving at the Chalet dal Brusca at an altitude of 1980 m after having exceeded 5 km (800m D +).

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All pics by Giacomo Meneghello

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