Homebase:  Bormio, Italy
Sports: Mountain running and Skyrunning



I love this sport since the very beginning, exatcly at 10 years old. Following my father and brother footsteps I started running and I never stop so far. I crossed bad moments in my carrer I don’t wish to anyone but thanks to my family and the sport I was able to went throught. The feeling of freedom that gives me when I loose myself in my thought while I am running is something I can’t find anywhere else. My best aim is keeping on running like I am doing as long as possible, maybe until I could share and join this passion with my little doughters!

The feelings when I am racing is trying to reach my best, sometimes it happens sometimes not, but the important it’s keep going!!!

Motto: You can fall thousand times but the important is to find the motivation to get up by yourself

Favorite place/Summit/route: Downhill technical trails, snow trails in the forest. The mountains sourrounding Bormio generally.

Greatest Achievements:

European Mountain Running Champion 2008

World Skyrunning Champion 2014

3rd place Skyrunner World Series 2016-2019

Sierre Zinal winner 2013